Experience Human Connection

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  • The ASK Game 120 thought provoking questions that create meaningful conversations that deepen relationships and connections with yourself and others. Can be used in groups or by yourself as a self-knowledge tool. Self-awareness self-inquiry

    Experience Human Connection

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Experience Human Connection

Tools & Questions to


The ASK Game

120 thought-provoking questions.

Break the ice. Explore personalities, needs & dreams. Dive deep into life’s mysteries.

Start conversations you never had. 

Meet everyone again and again for the very first time. Meet yourself like you never have.

Take ASK with you wherever you go.

Dinners, coffee breaks, dates, festivals, retreats, trips, company events, hikes.

Portuguese + English on every card


The ASK Game

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The ASK Journal

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As an actress and as a writer, I use The ASK Game to question & get to know the characters I’m working on. It’s a really good way to dig deeper and to expand my imagination in order to create a real person. I take it with me wherever I go.


Cleverly hidden in a deck of cards, The ASK Game unfetters the full potential of those who play. Who would know such deep conversations would be entwined into what was supposed to be just another game-night. Mandatory!


A questions game where there is no right or wrong. Only the participants their stories. Vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, desires, ideals and ideas. Perfect to get to know ourselves & others better.


About us

Sharing a desire to deepen human connection during worldwide lockdowns we created The ASK Game in 2020 to empower others & ourselves to explore our relationships.

In 2023, willing to inspire you into an even deeper journey of self-transformation, we bring you The ASK Journal.

In ASKing we journey into the unknown, we explore, we reveal, we expand. And that is the heartfelt intention behind the products we want to offer: tools for expanding awareness, for venturing beyond what we know and in it, be transformed.

We’re Pipa & Nuno - sister & brother - born & raised in Portugal.