Dive into Human Connection

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  • Dive into Human Connection

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Dive into Human Connection

The Perfect Tool to

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How it works

120 thought-provoking questions

Break the ice or feelings of disconnection. Know your needs & dreams, design your life vision and explore your potential. Dive into life’s deepest mysteries.

Spark a conversation that matters.

ASK is a no-rules, synchronicity based card game. Play with friends & family, co-workers, total strangers or by yourself.

Going out? Slip some cards into your pocket.

Take ASK wherever you go. Play over dinner, on a walk and while traveling. Or use it as a self-knowledge tool when journaling.

Portuguese + English on every card


How it works

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As an actress and as a writer, I use ASK to question & get to know the characters I’m working on. It’s a really good way to dig deeper and to expand my imagination in order to create a real person. I take it with me wherever I go.


Cleverly hidden in a deck of cards, ASK unfetters the full potential of those who play. Who would know such deep conversations would be entwined into what was supposed to be just another game-night. Mandatory!


A questions game where there is no right or wrong. Only the participants their stories. Vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, desires, ideals and ideas. Perfect to get to know ourselves & others better.


About us

Sharing a desire to deepen human connection during worldwide lockdowns we created The ASK Game in 2020 to empower others & ourselves to explore our highest potential.

Our intention is to help rethink how we are living -  individually & collectively - by envisioning our best possible contribution to a world in deep need of regeneration.

We’re Pipa & Nuno - sister & brother - born & raised in Portugal.